Mesothelioma Research – The Winning Team

Mesothelioma Researcher in the U.S. and in Italy

Dr. Giovanni Gaudino began his collaboration with Dr. Michele Carbone at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii (CRCH) in early 2008. Since then, he has been to Hawaii three times, each time taking what he calls “short sabbaticals” from his teaching and research duties in Italy. While in Hawaii, he has had the opportunity to appreciate the good work of the scientists and the wonderful progress that has been made at the Center. He and Dr. Carbone are working on finding ways in which they can collaborate even more. Today Dr. Gaudino is now on the faculty of the Cancer Center as a Professor of Research.

In Dr. Gaudino’s view, it is not easy to run a top-level cancer center in the United States. It is much more competitive in the United States than in Europe. Here the universities and the cancer centers are very open to foreigners, and they hire the best scientists from all over the world. For this reason, the best work and publications and clinical trial results are coming from this country.

Dr. Gaudino also enjoys Hawaii. It is a beautiful place, of course, but the most important part of his experience here has been what he calls “the human environment,” the friendliness of the people, the Aloha spirit, which he says reminds him of the Mediterranean area.



Mesothelioma Research Requires Collaboration

“I have to say that for any kind of cancer, this collaboration, which is going [on] here, …is, … the only way to proceed, and so I’m very, very glad that it’s here. The Cancer Center is doing so well.”

– Giovanni Gaudino

In Dr. Gaudino’s experience, there is very good collaboration between the scientists at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii and the clinicians and hospitals in Honolulu. He feels that the Cancer Center has the potential to develop a network even better than that which they have developed in Italy. His colleagues, the basic scientists, are working hard to develop new therapies, and their communication with physicians is very good. The work is very promising and offers much hope to mesothelioma patients. Dr. Gaudino believes that this collaborative approach is the only way to proceed, whether it concerns research for mesothelioma or for any type of cancer.

The Winning Mesothelioma Research Team

… every scientist is convinced that his own work is the most important…And this is understandable. But it’s not true…So,…the winning team is the team made of many different persons sitting around the table and trying to argue, and trying to demonstrate that his own point is the best. But this is the way things can be done.”

– Giovanni Gaudino

Dr. Michele Carbone, the director of the Cancer Center and a well-funded mesothelioma researcher, believes that the multidisciplinary approach to cancer research is the only way to win the battle, and Dr. Gaudino agrees with him 100%. Only by scientists from multiple disciplines – molecular scientists, immunologists, epidemiologists, and physicians – coming together to share their views will the goal be reached in a fast, efficient way. This is the only way to get things done. These scientists, from their varied disciplines, make up the winning team to improve treatment of mesothelioma patients with the goal of prolonging lives.

Working Toward A Cure for Mesothelioma

We hope you have enjoyed your visit with Dr. Giovanni Gaudino, our Visiting Scholar at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, as much as we enjoyed the time we spent with him. We hope this presentation has informed, inspired and encouraged you, and that you have been reassured that you are not alone in this battle. Scientists and researchers from around the world and from multiple disciplines are collaborating with each other and with clinicians and other physicians to develop new therapies for mesothelioma patients, and in “working towards a cure,” to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from this disease as a result of exposure to asbestos in their work or other environments.